Shiplet Launching Ceremony

Even though it is a bit hard to tell when exactly we’ll feel ready for it, there will be a hilarious get-together around the official launching of the first [(fully)] functional 1:100 scale model prototype of OHANDA ONE – aka the shiplet. We plan to welcome everyone who wants to join at a waterfront in[…]

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Energy = Mass

Clearly Einstein would not agree that energy equals mass unless we multiply the latter with c². But in case of the shiplet we appreciate that we do not have to consider higher spheres of physics when it comes to shifting the center of gravity a little further down the hull and add a ballasted keel[…]

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Deck Construction – Part 1

To keep the center of mass low while hovering above the water surface, the deck construction should be as lightweight as possible. At the same time it is the fastening of the masts and servos with fixing points for the vertical and edge-gated fin pylons. Therefore the construction needs a certain level of mechanical stability.[…]

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Nevermore Cable Spaghetti!

When wiring a 40 pin microcrontroller with all additional electronic components on breadboards we were constantly fighting not to end up in a big mess. Thanks to Dirk’s great experience after several iterations we achieved a very well working design, but loose connections became an increasing disturbance of the experimental setup. High time to tidy[…]

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Flapping Fins

To balance the numerous variables that change quickly, like gusts of wind, waves, ship motion, draft, etc. we will use four active horizontal fin stabilizers. The fins are pivoted on the carbon fibre rods between central hull and side tubes. They are supposed to trim the vessels position in the water with fast reactions, before[…]

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Pretentious Pipe Pimping

There is no doubt that the shiplet’s central submarine hull – a drain pipe – needs some face lifting for the next iteration of the protoype. On its topface we add another tube as a lifting body, which also hosts the carbon-fibre slats that will connect to the side tubes and mount the fin stabilizers.[…]

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Shaping the Shiplet

After successful tests to control the height level and balance of o1.01 with its four ballast tanks in our test basin, the time seems right for the next iteration. To find out if the prototype can actually defy wind and waves we have to get out in open waters. The vessel has to speed through[…]

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Measurement and Control

For nostalgic reasons the prototyping hobbyists decided that o1.01‘s carbonized cerebellum is an ATmega324PA 8bit microcontroller. We will use it to level and balance the platform both via ballast tanks and adjustable fin stabilizers. The fin stabilizers will be driven by servos. But to start with, we want to control the pumps and valves located[…]

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