Shaping the Shiplet

After successful tests to control the height level and balance of o1.01 with its four tubular ballast tanks in our test basin, the time seems right for the next iteration. To find out if the prototype can actually defy wind and waves we have to get out in open waters.

The vessel has to speed through the water for the active fin stabilizers to take effect. It needs sails and everything else to move and steer for a real proof of concept. And because it turned out that “o1.01” (“o-one-dot-zero-one”) wasn’t really rolling off the tongue so easily, we decided to call it “shiplet“.

Broadly speaking the next iteration of the prototype should be based on the existing center tube with the core components inside, get a nice new deck, sails, have adjustable fins and more or less look like this:

Side view of deck above the waterline.
Side view with deck on three pylons and under-water tube hull including the ballasted keel.
Top view.
Deck cross-section.
Nose details.
Front view details.