Pretentious Pipe Pimping

There is no doubt that the shiplet’s central submarine hull – a drain pipe – needs some face lifting for the next iteration of the protoype. On its topface we add another tube as a lifting body, which also hosts the carbon-fibre slats that will connect to the side tubes and mount the fin stabilizers. The removable nozzles at nose and tail get vertical fin-formed pylons to connect to the deck and a nice portwhole at the fore to host an under water camera.

Central submarine hull.
Side view of central submarine hull with glued lifting body and plugged fin pylons at nose and tail.
Nose with portwhole.
Pluggable nose nozzle with all cables and pneumatic tubes from submarine central pipe.
Tail nozzle under construction.
Tubular frame inside the fin tail nozzle with carbon fibre guide tube and steering axle for the rudder.
Unplugged tail nozzle with coupling between stern tube and electric motor in the central pipe.