Colorful High Hydrostatic Hopes

Finally the shiplet got painted. Sincere thanks are given to Cadus for providing the space for the paint job and to Tuomo for providing the coloration. Now we are of course really eager, ney, we are thrilled, excited, super curious, on tenterhooks, … (!!!) to find out, if all our calculations and estimations about downforces and uplifts were correct in the end. After more than two and a half years of work on this third iteration of the prototype, here comes the shiplet’s first moment of truth: will the 11,72 kg weighing chunk swim?

Grounding the bits and pieces at Cadus‘ Fablab in Berlin.
The shiplet’s deck on the hook for painting.
The CNC milling machine is a well-beloved drying bench. 😉
The painted shiplet’s nose.
The painted shiplet’s tail.
Filling the test basin ( … and keeping the nerves … ).
Weighing the shiplet with its mast and sail simulating balance weights.
Hurray! Hurray! Yippie-yah-yay! The shiplet in perfect balance with fully inflated ballast tanks (aka “harbour mode”).