Closure of the Topless Deck

After we planked the outward flat top of the deck with 0,5 mm ABS, it is now time for building the rounded deck cover profiles. Thanks to the marvelous invention of 3d printers, we prepared (printed) a set of supporting archs (green), which will be the starting point for our construction. Sidewise the archs will be connected with 3 mm carbon box sections and then planked with 0,5 mm ABS.

Deck with printed supporting archs.
Sidewise cover with carbon profiles and ABS boards.
For the exact shaping of the cover boards we built a simple pressing tool.
Shaping the cover board in a pressing tool.
Mast support with deck cover profile.
Tail view of deck cover profiles.
Side view of deck cover profiles.
Nose view of deck cover profiles.